2 new changes to the Tenancy Act!

Tenancy Update

It is expected the Government will be lifting some restrictions on Tenant Evictions for reasons OTHER than non-payment of rent in the near future. From the Government’s update:

“Landlords will be able to serve new notices for reasons including landlord/purchaser use, such as where a new owner has purchased a property and intends to move in, and for cause (e.g., where a tenant is putting the landlord or other tenants at risk, or has sublet the apartment without permission). Depending on the type, these will require a notice period of between one and four months.”

It is also expected to put in place a framework that will require Tenants and Landlords work together to develop a plan to repay the rent owed from missed payments over a reasonable amount of time. Tenants will still be responsible to pay outstanding rent when the ban on evictions for non-payment is lifted.


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