Just Listed! Full Duplex in Burnaby

Full Duplex for sale by Tom Ikonomou.jpg

BUYERS DELIGHT! Full Duplex on double sized lot. never worry about pet or rental restrictions again, ever! Bright south facing features 4 fireplaces, two balcony’s on front and two oversized decks at the rear. Parking for at least 8 cars. SIDE A has 3 beds, 2 baths on main & 2 beds plus den and 1 bath below. SIDE B has 3 beds, 2 baths on main & 2 beds, 1 bath below. Both share a large laundry room. All measurements are approx. and to be verified if important. Call for more info today!



Top 13 places to send change of address to

Most people know in advance they will be moving by way of subject removal dates. This time period can be anywhere up to 60 days and is adequate to send emails to your service providers with your new contact info. This will save you additional fees setting up mail forwarding. The following is a list of the 

  1.  Post Office
  2.  Change accounts and credit card agencies
  3.  Friends and Relatives – send them private messages or text your new address.
  4.  Subscriptions, book clubs, record clubs (notice requires several weeks in         advance)
  5.  Bank – transfer funds, arrange for check cashing in new city
  6.  Insurance – Notify regarding new location for coverage:  Life, Health, Fire, Auto
  7.  Automobile registration – Transfer of auto title is necessary: also driver’s license,   city windshield sticker and motor club membership
  8.  Utility Companies – Gas, electric, water, telephone, cable television, fuel: obtain   refund of any deposit made:  arrange for immediate service in new location
  9.  Route Persons – Laundry, newspaper delivery, changeover of services
  10.  School Records – Ask for copies of the transfer of children’s records
  11.  Medical, dental, prescription histories – Ask physicians and dentists for referrals,   transfer needed prescription, X-rays
  12.  Church, clubs, civic organizations – Transfer memberships, request letters of   introduction
  13.  Pets – ask about registration for licenses, vaccinations, tags.  Request transfer of   veterinarian’s records

Neighbourhood Growing Pains

Whether you or I agree with, like it or not, the old has to make way for the new. This can be a heartbreak but that’s the reality. Imagine a city where nothing ever replaced the old. Who would want to live there?

Dunbar commercial property by Tom Ikonomou

New developments make for a more sustainable neighbourhood and the amount of steps and processes a developer has to go through could make anyone go bonkers.

Vancouver real estate by Tom Ikonomou

There is no shortage of people apposing development but in reality.. if it wasn’t for redevelopment, those same individuals would not be living where they currently live. That block of 10 or so homes used to be part of a larger parcel of land where at the time before redevelopment.. was only one home. Thankfully for redevelopment, more people can enjoy the lifestyle of their neighbourhoods of choice.

Dunbar Professional Tom Ikonomou

In another few decades, so too this building (which is modern at the time), will go towards redevelopment.

Dunbar commercial business development by Tom Ikonomou

This block of businesses on Dunbar Street in Vancouver may have a few more years of community life right now, but unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) they too will transition into a better living community for all to enjoy.

Dunbar Village by Tom Ikonomou