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The New Cooling Off Period in B.C

Cooling Off Period

What is it?

Effective Jan 1, 2023 a cooling off period for the sole benefit of the buyer is applicable in all purchase contracts.

This Allows a buyer to change their mind about an offer within 3 (business days) after acceptance for a fee payable to the seller. Basically, in realtor lingo…”getting cold feet”.  

This applies to residential property only.

So what’s the difference between a buyer walking away from a subject offer?

It’s the deposit. During this 3 day (cooling off period) The deposit would be sent back to the buyer (less the fee) without the seller consent. On a subject offer, both the seller and buyer have to agree to release the deposit.

How much is the fee?

0.25% of the purchase price. (e.g.: $1.5M purchase agreement will cost $3,750) I could give my thoughts on this… but I won’t.


As a seller, this fee is considered a service so don’t get so happy and spend it before you pay the GST of $187.50

This clause cannot be waived by either party. So you better be sure you want to proceed with this purchase if there is no subjects in place for your due diligence.


Business days are defined as not a Saturday or a holiday. What about Sunday?

There may be a gray area regarding properties that are mixed use.

The gov has good intentions in protecting a buyer who may have offered too much for a property because of FOMO. However, there is a rescinding period in pre-sales already. Which makes sense because you’re buying paper and not being able to walk through the property.


Unless you’re adding conditions like inspection and financing, It would be best to put in the contract the seller to allow for inspection within those three days.

I’m sure there will be many amendments to this legislation prior to Jan 1 (We hope)

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Vancouver Elementary Schools Ranking

Top 20 Elementary Schools in Great Vancouver Area:

RankingSchoolCity RatingRecent 5 years rating
1Crofton HouseVancouver10.010.0
3St George’sVancouver10.010.0
4Vancouver CollegeVancouver10.010.0
5West Point GreyVancouver10.010.0
6York HouseVancouver10.010.0
7Corpus ChristianVancouver10.09.9
8Holy CrossBurnaby10.09.8
9MulgraveWest Vancouver10.09.8
10Our Lady Of MercyBurnaby10.09.6
11St MichaelsBurnaby10.09.5
12St Pius XNorth Vancouver10.09.4
13Our Lady Of Perpetual HelpVancouver10.09.0
14CedardaleWest Vancouver10.0N/A
16CollingwoodWest Vancouver9.99.8
17Irwin ParkWest Vancouver9.99.4
18St Paul’sRichmond9.89.8
19West BayWest Vancouver9.89.8
20Iqra IslamicSurrey9.89.5

Vancouver elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Crofton House1/9781/74610.010.0
St George’s1/9781/74610.010.0
Vancouver College1/9781/74610.010.0
West Point Grey1/9781/74610.010.0
York House1/9781/74610.010.0
Corpus Christian1/9787/74610.09.9
Our Lady Of Perpetual Help1/97838/74610.09.0
St Jude’s22/97857/7469.78.5
St Anthony of Padua24/97887/7469.68.0
St Francis of Assisi27/97882/7469.58.1
St Francis Xavier35/97827/7469.29.2
Our Lady Of Sorrows45/97835/7469.09.1
St John’s45/978N/A9.0N/A
St Auqustine’s59/97819/7468.89.4
Blessed Sacrament59/97874/7468.88.2
Stratford Hall73/97827/7468.69.2
Vancouver Christian73/97874/7468.68.2
St Mary’s73/978117/7468.67.6
Vancouver Talmud Torah84/97827/7468.59.2
Sir Matthew Begbie141/978271/7467.76.5
Dr Annie B Jamieson153/978178/7467.67.1
Edith Cavell191/978329/7467.36.2
Jules Quesnel212/978193/7467.27.0
St Patrick’s229/978121/7467.17.5
Sir William Osler229/978160/7467.17.2
Sir Wilfrid Laurier229/978193/7467.17.0
Immaculate Conception269/97893/7466.97.9
Lord Nelson269/978N/A6.9N/A
Lord Tennyson312/978N/A6.7N/A
Maple Grove339/978235/7466.66.7
Dr George M Weir339/978255/7466.66.6
St Andrew’s339/978369/7466.66.0
Dr R E Mckechnie363/978235/7466.56.7
University Hill363/978271/7466.56.5
Dr H N MacCorkindale363/978570/7466.54.9
Sir William Van Horne363/978N/A6.5N/A
Elsie Roy389/978255/7466.46.6
David Oppenheimer389/978329/7466.46.2
Henry Hudson389/978N/A6.4N/A
Queen Elizabeth420/978226/7466.36.8
Lord Kitchener420/978235/7466.36.7
Sir Wilfred Grenfell420/978317/7466.36.3
Captain James Cook436/978384/7466.25.9
David Lloyd George436/978405/7466.25.8
John Norquay463/978422/7466.15.7
Anne Hebert488/978506/7466.05.3
Sir Richard McBride488/978610/7466.04.7
L’Ecole Bilinque512/978347/7465.96.1
General Gordon512/978422/7465.95.7
Beneral Brock512/978N/A5.9N/A
Charles Dickens536/978N/A5.8N/A
Queen Mary581/978206/7465.66.9
St Joseph’s606/978271/7465.56.5
G T Cunningham606/978570/7465.54.9
Tillicum Annex606/978N/A5.5N/A
Graham Bruce620/978N/A5.4N/A
Lord Selkirk674/978596/7465.24.8
Lord Roberts692/978646/7465.14.4
Laura Secord707/978570/7465.04.9
Sir Guy Carleton707/978596/7465.04.8
Sir Alexander MacKenzie707/978624/7465.04.6
Chief Maquinna754/978646/7464.84.4
Sir Sandford Fleming754/978N/A4.8N/A
Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith773/978384/7464.75.9
Walter Moberly773/978624/7464.74.6
Sir James Douglas833/978610/7464.24.7
General Wolfe833/978N/A4.2N/A
Florence Nightingale909/978N/A3.4N/A
Champlain Heights916/978N/A3.3N/A
John Henderson929/978N/A3.1N/A
Lord Strathcona944/978735/7462.63.1

West Vancouver elementary shcools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Irwin Park17/97819/7469.99.4
West Bay19/9788/7469.89.8
St Anthony’s40/97849/7469.18.7
Pauline Johnson141/97849/7467.78.7

North Vancouver elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
St Pius X1/97819/74610.09.4
Holy Trinity33/97835/7469.39.1
Andre Piolat35/978160/7469.27.2
St Edmund’s40/97827/7469.19.2
Brockton Preparatory45/978N/A9.0N/A
Lions Gate Christian59/97842/7468.88.8
Canyon Heights121/97874/7467.98.2
Upper Lynn229/978369/7467.16.0
Dorothy Lynas247/978206/7467.06.9
Cove Cliff389/978178/7466.47.1
Sherwood Park389/978369/7466.46.0
Lynn Valley463/978289/7466.16.4
Vancouver Waldorf488/978N/A6.0N/A
Ross Road512/978384/7465.95.9
Seymour Heights731/978538/7464.75.1
Queen Mary886/978719/7463.73.5

Burnaby elementary shcools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Holy Cross1/9788/74610.09.8
Our Lady Of Mercy1/97815/74610.09.6
St Michaels1/97816/74610.09.5
St Helen’s32/97840/7469.48.9
John Knox Christian35/97822/7469.29.3
St Francis de Sales45/97874/7469.08.2
Taylor Park105/97893/7468.17.9
Forest Grove166/978N/A7.5N/A
Cascade Heights247/978289/7467.06.4
Twelfth Avenue247/978317/7467.06.3
South Slope269/978235/7466.96.7
Brentwood Park312/978178/7466.77.1
Deer Lake SDA339/978255/7466.66.6
Douglas Road363/978347/7466.56.1
Cconfederation Park389/978369/7466.46.0
Capitol Hill420/978289/7466.36.4
Stoney Creek436/978459/7466.25.5
Second Street754/978479/7464.85.4
Stride Avenue875/978646/7463.84.4

Richmond elementary shcools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
St Paul’s19/9788/7469.89.8
St Joseph The Worker45/97835/7469.09.1
BC Muslim59/978N/A8.8N/A
Jessie Wowk67/97857/7468.78.5
Richmond Christian73/97822/7468.69.3
Archibald Blair99/97857/7468.28.5
W D Ferris99/97893/7468.27.9
John T Errington105/97882/7468.18.1
Maple Lane105/978N/A8.1N/A
James Thompson113/97882/7468.08.1
John G Diefenbaker141/97893/7467.77.9
James Mckinney141/978121/7467.77.5
Az-Zahraa Islamic153/978N/A7.6N/A
Tomekichi Homma166/97887/7467.58.0
James Gilmore181/978289/7467.46.4
Manoah Steves191/978142/7467.37.3
Walter Lee212/978110/7467.27.7
Alfred B Dixon247/978193/7467.07.0
William Cook247/978206/7467.06.9
Daniel Woodward247/978N/A7.0N/A
Donald E McKay247/978N/A7.0N/A
Garden City269/978142/7466.97.3
Howard de Beck269/978160/7466.97.2
Henry Anderson269/978193/7466.97.0
Robert J Tait269/978329/7466.96.2
R M Grauer269/978445/7466.95.6
General Currie291/978206/7466.86.9
James Whiteside312/978160/7466.77.2
Samuel Brighouse312/978193/7466.77.0
Lord Byng488/978384/7466.05.9
Kathleen McNeely536/978329/7465.86.2
Thomas Kidd557/978553/7465.75.0
William Bridge581/978329/7465.66.2

Coquitlam (also including Port Coquitlam and Port Moody) elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Traditional Learning Academy45/978N/A9.0N/A
Our Lady Of The Assumption67/97857/7468.78.5
Hope Lutheran89/97849/7468.48.7
Our Lady Of Fatima93/97866/7468.38.4
Queen Of All Saints191/97854/7467.38.6
Riverview Park191/978178/7467.37.1
Castle Park269/978206/7466.96.9
Pinetree Way312/978206/7466.76.9
British Columbia Christian312/978N/A6.7N/A
Panorama Heights339/978206/7466.66.9
Eagle Ridge339/978255/7466.66.6
R C MacDonald363/978160/7466.57.2
Heritage Mountain363/978271/7466.56.5
Harbour View363/978271/7466.56.5
Hampton Park389/978347/7466.46.1
Roy Stibbs389/978384/7466.45.9
Baker Drive436/978329/7466.26.2
Mountain Meadows463/978255/7466.16.6
Mundy Road463/978347/7466.16.1
Coquitlam River512/978317/7465.96.3
Miller Park536/978405/7465.85.8
Porter Street557/978369/7465.76.0
Mountain View581/978N/A5.6N/A
Cape Horn674/978422/7465.25.7
Lord Baden-Powell674/978538/7465.25.1
Hazel Trembath692/978570/7465.14.9
James Park754/978570/7464.84.9
Cedar Drive754/978N/A4.8N/A
Ranch Park810/978553/7464.45.0

Surrey (also including South Surrey and White Rock) elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Iqra Islamic19/97816/7469.89.5
Star Of The Sea27/97816/7469.59.5
Khalsa (Surrey)35/97827/7469.29.2
Chantrell Creek40/97874/7469.18.2
Our Lady Of Good Counsel45/97827/7369.09.2
Pacific Academy73/97842/7468.68.8
Cloverdale Catholic73/97874/7468.68.2
Semiahmoo Trail73/978160/7468.67.2
Regent Christian121/978103/7467.97.8
Dr F D Sinclair121/978142/7467.97.3
Cornerstone Montessori121/978N/A7.9N/A
Fraser Wood153/978206/7467.66.9
Rosemary Heights166/97893/7467.57.9
Erma Stephenson166/978178/7467.57.1
Port Kells166/978N/A7.5N/A
Frost Road181/978121/7467.47.5
Surrey Muslim181/978N/A7.4N/A
Ocean Cliff191/978131/7467.37.4
Walnut Road191/978178/7467.37.1
Sikh Academy229/978N/A7.1N/A
Chimney Hill247/978226/7467.06.8
Boundary Park247/978255/7467.06.6
McLeod Road247/978289/7467.06.4
Ray Shepherd269/978226/7466.96.8
Surrey Christian269/978235/7466.96.7
Berkshire Park291/978206/7466.86.9
H T Thrift291/978N/A6.8N/A
White Rock Christian312/978255/7466.76.6
Pacific Heights363/978459/7466.55.5
Crescent Park389/978142/7466.47.3
Woodland Park389/978405/7466.45.8
A H P Matthew389/978422/4766.45.7
Martha Currie420/978405/7466.35.8
Cloverdale Traditional436/978347/7466.26.1
Coyote Creek436/978405/7466.25.8
Cougar Creek436/978422/7466.25.7
Green Timbers436/978459/7466.25.5
St Bernadette463/978131/7466.17.4
Latimer Road463/978347/7466.16.1
William Watson463/978347/7466.16.1
Surrey Centre488/978445/7466.05.6
William F Davidson488/978506/7466.05.3
Maple Green512/978384/7465.95.9
James Ardiel512/978422/7465.95.7
North Ridge512/978459/7465.95.5
A J McLellan536/978329/7465.86.2
Woodward Hill536/978N/A5.8N/A
South Meridian557/978329/7465.76.2
Harold Bishop557/978405/7465.75.8
Don Christian557/978459/7465.75.5
Coast Meridian581/978347/7465.66.1
Panorama Park581/978459/7465.65.5
Serpentine Heights581/978479/7465.65.4
Janice Churchill581/978570/7465.64.9
Beaver Creek581/978663/7465.64.3
Mary Jane Shannon606/978570/7465.54.9
Surrey Traditional620/978506/7465.45.3
Henry Bose620/978523/7465.45.2
Simon Cunningham620/978523/7465.45.2
Jessie Lee620/978538/7465.45.1
T E Scott620/978634/7465.44.5
Martha Jane Norris674/978553/7465.25.0
Georges Vanier674/978570/7465.24.9
Adams Road674/978N/A5.2N/A
Betty Huff692/978716/7465.13.6
Mountainview Montessori707/978317/7465.06.3
M B Sanford707/978596/7465.04.8
Cedar Hills731/978663/7464.94.3
Old Yale Road731/978677/7464.94.2
J T Brown754/978624/7464.84.6
Strawberry Hill782/978596/7464.64.8
David Brankin782/978634/7464.64.5
Sunrise Ridge798/978422/7464.55.7
Senator Reid798/978716/7464.53.6
Kennedy Trail810/978610/7464.44.7
W E Kinvig821/978725/7464.33.4
Royal Heights844/978610/7464.14.7
George Greenaway854/978570/7464.04.9
Forsyth Road854/978708/7464.03.8
Prince Charles865/978704/7463.93.9
Lena Shaw875/978719/7463.83.5
Bear Creek886/978697/7463.74.0
Hjorth Road897/978732/7463.53.2
K B Woodward940/978719/7462.73.5

New Westminster elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Richard McBride212/978235/7467.26.7
Connaught Heights212/978N/A7.2N/A
Herbert Spencer229/978142/7467.17.3
F W Howay420/978N/A6.3N/A
Lord Tweedsmuir488/978422/7466.05.7
Queen Elizabeth512/978422/7465.95.7
Lord Kelvin581/978553/7465.65.0
John Robson731/978N/A4.9N/A

Delta elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
Sacred Heart40/97842/7469.18.8
Immaculate Conception40/97854/7469.18.6
Delta Christian99/978N/A8.2N/A
Cougar Canyon166/978235/7467.56.7
Beach Grove212/978178/7467.27.1
English Bluff212/978329/7467.26.2
Sunshine Hills363/978317/7466.56.3
Devon Gardens363/978523/7466.55.2
Pebble Hill420/978N/A6.3N/A
South Park436/978347/7466.26.1
Neilson Grove436/978N/A6.2N/A
Port Guichon731/978N/A4.9N/A
Cliff Drive810/978347/7464.46.1

Langley elementary schools ranking:

SchoolRanking in BCRecent 5 years ranking in BCRatingRecent 5 years rating
St Catherines53/97854/7468.98.6
Alex Hope67/97857/7468.78.5
Lynn Fripps73/978N/A8.6N/A
Gordon Greenwood113/97887/7468.08.0
R.C. Garnett130/978131/7467.87.4
Peterson Road130/978235/7467.86.7
Credo Christian141/97866/7467.78.4
Dorothy Peacock166/978193/7467.57.0
Langley Fundamental181/978121/7467.47.5
West Langley181/978142/7467.47.5
Alice Brown181/978479/7467.45.4
Langley Christian247/978121/7467.07.5
Noel Booth247/978289/7467.06.4
James Kennedy339/978178/7466.67.1
James Hill339/978255/7466.66.6
Langley Meadows389/978289/7466.46.4
Les Voyageurs606/978N/A5.5N/A
Douglas Park773/978N/A4.7N/A

What’s a PEAT BOG and where are they located?

What is a PEAT BOG and where are they located?


Peat Bog areas tend to have unstable ground that may create structural or foundation problems for homes and other buildings. Buyers please beware of the following Peat Bog areas in Vancouver:

1) King Edward St from from 16th Ave down to Edington Dr between Granville & Arbutus St

2) From 16th Ave to 22nd Ave, bound by Oak and Ash St

3) Prince Edward and Inverness, from 16th Ave to Kingsway and follows Kingsway down until 24th Ave

4) Area around Trout Lake is the location of this peat soil

5) Vast majority of this one goes from 37th Ave to 47th Ave between Windsor and Beatrice St

6) This larger Peat area is located between 43rd and 49th Ave and stretches from Nanaimo all the way until Rupert St

7) The peat bog in this location is centered on Adanac St and is bound by E. Pender and Napier and stretches from Garden Ave to Slocan St

8) This bog is the largest one in Vancouver which goes from Windsor all the way past Boundary and is bound by East Pender and Lougheed highway

9) This is a small one that is located on Kerrisdale Park

10) Another small peat area at 44th and Laurel

11) This small peat area goes from 60th and Maple to 34th and Angus

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New Upcoming Hurdles for Landlords and what they are.

Increased Hurdles Proposed for Residential Landlords – Renovations and Rent Freezes

On March 1, 2021, the provincial government announced proposed legislation that will increase the hurdles faced by landlords wishing to complete renovations in tenanted residential property.

The proposed legislation seeks to both prevent “renovictions,” and to extend the current provincial rent freeze to December 31, 2021. If passed by the B.C. provincial government, this legislation will come into effect on July 1, 2021. According to the provincial government’s press release, significant effects of the legislation will include:

1) Landlords will be required to apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch before they can terminate a tenancy agreement for the purpose of making renovations;

2) Landlords will be prohibited from ending tenancies for renovations that are not “substantial,” or that do not require the rental unit to be vacant;

3) As the Province has already extended a rent freeze during COVID-19, this legislation will permit tenants to disregard notices of rent increase taking effect between March 30, 2020 and January 1, 2022, that tenants have already received; and

4) From 2022 onward, rent increases shall be capped at the rate of inflation.

The market prices are higher than they’ve ever been even surpassing the super hyped Vancouver market of 2016-2017

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How to Sell Your Home the Non-Traditional way using the Ikonomou Systems

How Vancouver-area home sellers are getting full price or more without using a traditional selling system..

Selling a Vancouver-area house, townhome, or condo the traditional way with a traditional system has 2 painful problems:

1 – Homeowners never know if or when their home will sell

2 – And, if it does sell, homeowners never know for sure if they got as much as they should have.

So, we fixed all that.

The Ikonomou system lets homeowners know the exact day their home can sell…

…and also the likely bare minimum it’s going to sell for. The only question is if they’ll get even more than they hoped.

Homeowners love this because they who know how much they’re getting and when they’re getting it. Homeowners can relax and plan for the future instead of feeling stressed and wondering if or when they’ll be able to move.

The way we get home sellers these amazing results is by completely changing how a home is sold. Specifically, we add these 2 things to the mix:

1 – Competition

2 – And A Deadline

When we add these two things, something miraculous happens… puts the seller in full control and serious buyers are forced to take action immediately or lose out.

What we’re doing is creating an auction-like bidding environment.

Although we’re not actually auctioning homes, this home-bidding model works for exactly the same reason why luxury auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s work…

…they start with a fair price for a valuable item and, because buyers can see that competition is all around them, buyers expect that the they wait, the HIGHER the price goes.

This is in stark contrast to the “traditional way” of selling a house where buyers expect that the longer they wait, the LOWER the price goes.

Plus, when we add a deadline to the mix, the results get even better.

That’s because a deadline demands action… and no one wants to miss out.

The bottom line of how this all works:

We compress all your showings into just a few days

Then give buyers a deadline to make an offer

This puts you, the homeowner, in complete control

Buyers know they will be competing and bring stronger offers. 


Just choose 2 to 4 back-to-back days buyers can see your home…

…then receive multiple offers on “deadline day!”

It’s very simple and remarkably effective.

Then, if you want, we can even share with you what day your house can sell.

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Which indicators should you watch in the Real Estate market?

Average sales or list prices will tell you where the market is currently at but to determine where the market is going you need to watch a few other numbers.

As an example from the Monthly Report for February 2021 of all detached homes in Greater Vancouver. The following indicators (numbers give you a greater picture of the direction home prices will be in the near future.

# Active Listings = 3,507

# Listings Sold = 1,248

Median List Price = $1,599,000

Median Sale Price = $1,650,000

Av Days on Market = 32

List/Sale Price Ratio = 103%

# Months of Inventory = 2.8

Market Type (sellers) = 35.6%

To see how these numbers affect your homes value.,
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5 Benefits of using Airbnb in Vancouver

Airbnb has taken the short stay world by storm. Whereas in the past you had to contend with commercial outlets like hotels, motels, and lodgings, today you can easily “Airbnb” when traveling. How convenient is Airbnb? Why is a world with Airbnb so much better than a world without it? 

Cost Savings

Airbnb’s cost structuring is very different from that of a hotel, says Elias Markos. A hotel, when costing its services, must factor in numerous costs. These include the cost of servicing the entire property (including empty rooms), staff costs, goods used in the hotel, licenses, taxes, food, security, and many others. An Airbnb, on the other hand, only has a handful of costs to absorb, allowing it to charge way less than a hotel. These costs savings are passed on to travelers, instead of being soaked up as extra profits as is the case with hotels and other commercial establishments.

Local Experience

Airbnb is an amazing link to the local community and culture, which to Elias Markos is a fantastic benefit. When you visit a new country, staying at an upscale hotel will tell you nothing about the locality. In most cases, such places are deliberately insulated from the local culture to offer visitors a neutral experience. If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, he says, an Airbnb will give you just this, letting you leave with rich memories of a new place.

Extra Perks

Of late, Airbnb has been adding new services that hosts can offer guests. In some areas, you can purchase an accommodation plus city tour package from a local host. With this arrangement, you get to see a new place through the eyes of a local. Comparatively, when you visit a hotel and book a local tour, you will be taken about by a professional tour guide who is only there to show you what is on the itinerary. In this way, an Airbnb helps you experience the world in a whole new way.

Wide Standardized Selection

Airbnb has over six million places to stay worldwide. That’s a staggering number. What’s amazing about this statistic is that all six million listings are standardized listings. That is, they are all privately owned properties that offer the same experience. 

Extensive Filters

When looking for an Airbnb, you can use a wide range of filters to find just the right place to stay. With filters that include location, home type, number of rooms, number of beds, amenities (kitchen, shampoo, heating), facilities (pool, gym, free parking), house rules, neighborhoods and a host of others, you can easily filter down to a few choice properties. This, is a massive benefit Airbnb has over traditional hotels.

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How To List Once and Only Once When Selling a Home

Let’s change the meaning of YOLO from “you only live once” to “you only list once”.

When you decide to list your house for sale, list it like it is the first, last, and only time you are going to.

Because, if you list it more than once…it’s going to hurt you.

Selling your home begins in a hopeful manner.

When you decide to list your home for sale, you probably don’t expect it to not sell the first time you list it for sale.

Quite the opposite…

Most people think their house will sell quickly. And hopefully in a bidding war.

You hire a real estate agent. Pictures are taken. The house is entered into the multiple listing service. Open houses are scheduled for the first weekend. Ads are run…

…and the house gets put on the Internet in more places than you can ever imagine, with just the click of a few buttons.

How could it not sell?

Avoid withdrawing or expiring.

But a lot of times, homes don’t sell quickly. Or at all…

If a house doesn’t sell quickly, many homeowners start to get discouraged, even after just a few weeks.

It gets worse if it starts stretching into months and months.

Many homeowners start to wonder if their real estate agent isn’t getting the job done. And they start considering either “withdrawing” their listing, or letting their contract with the real estate agent “expire”, and plan on hiring a different agent.

Some homeowners have total faith in their real estate agent. They want to stick with the agent they have hired. But they think it would be good to withdraw their listing, and pop it back on the market so it looks like a new listing, hoping to get buyers’ attention.

This is a mistake. Back in the day, this little trick could work. But, it isn’t fooling anyone anymore, and it can have a less than desirable effect.

Big brother is watching.

Remember this from earlier? With just a few button clicks, your house gets distributed all over the Internet…

In some ways, this is great. Your house is exposed to the entire market quickly and efficiently.

In some ways it’s bad, though…

Not too long ago, it was pretty difficult to figure out if a home had been listed more than once, or for how long it was on the market. Real estate agents had access to the information, but consumers did not.

Now, everybody and anybody can see:

  • If a house has been listed before.
  • How many times it has been listed.
  • How long it’s been on the market.
  • And even more information…like if there’s any pending foreclosure, for instance.

Basically put, more information is available than you would ever want made available. And you have no control over it. Nor does your real estate agent.

All of this information is “scraped” and aggregated by real estate websites, like Zillow and Trulia.

Back in the day, it was no big deal to withdraw your listing, or let it expire, and relist it. Few people would be aware of it, unless a real estate agent dug up the information and chose to share it with their client.

Now, a buyer would almost have to deliberately avoid seeing this information.

So, what’s the big deal?

Whether it’s right, wrong, or somewhere in between, the number of times your home has been listed, and the length of time your house has been on the market, affect how buyers perceive your home and its value.

This stinks, because you can have absolutely valid reasons why your home isn’t selling quickly…

Perhaps it’s a supply and demand issue. (Too many houses available and too few buyers buying houses.)

Or maybe you have a high-end home, and there just aren’t many sales in the price range, so it takes quite some time to sell.

Those sorts of reasons are valid. There’s nothing you can do to affect that.

And it’s awful (for sellers at least), but the Internet and available information can cause buyers to sense that the house isn’t selling because “something is wrong”.

Or buyers may feel like, “since the house has been on the market for so long, the owner has to be negotiable or desperate.”

There’s plenty of other legitimate reasons a house may linger longer on the market…

But way too often, the reason houses linger on the market is because homeowners list their home for way too much money. And, quite often, don’t reduce their price to be in line with the market and actual value.

That you can, and should control…

Otherwise, you’re causing buyers to dismiss, overlook, or undervalue your home…because the Internet.

So, here’s what you do…

Control what you can control.

  • Make sure you hire a real estate agent who gives you an honest assessment of your home’s value.
  • Do not hire an agent that simply says your home is worth the amount you want to hear. Or one who agrees to list your house for a higher price than they recommend, just to appease you and get your listing.
  • Price your home appropriately within the market. Price it to sell…not to linger. (This does not mean “give your house away”. There’s a fine line and balance. A good agent will help you find that perfect balance.)
  • Don’t withdraw your listing, or let it expire, if at all possible.
  • If your home is not selling, assess whether the price is reasonable for the market. If it’s, be patient. Keep it on the market. Stay the course.

Ignore this advice if…

If you have hired a good real estate agent, and he or she disagrees with this, listen to them.

Real estate is “local”. Your agent will know what may help or hurt you in your area, more than a general article.

But, if you and your agent are discussing withdrawing or relisting your property, maybe you should bring up what you have read here. Your agent may never have even thought about this angle.

At least it can lead to an in depth conversation about the pros and cons of withdrawing or relisting your home, before just doing it because it seems like a good thing to do.

Again, there are valid reasons a home can linger on the market. Things you and your agent can’t control. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t spell doom for your sale.

A good agent isn’t going to let a buyer get your house for a steal, just because of some information the buyer has seen on the Internet.

However, what they find and see on the Internet will certainly fill their mind with thoughts. So, try not to give them anything to think about, other than making a full price offer as quickly as possible.

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Moving with Children? How to prepare your little ones for the move

Moving to a new community and school may produce stress and anxiety for your child. Moving away from friends, familiar surrounding and being introduced to a new school can be difficult. The cause of stress can vary according to the age of the children.

Younger children who are in the process of exploring their independence from their parents and are adjusting to new peer groups may find themselves returning to a dependent relationship with their parents. Older children have more difficulty leaving close friends and peers and may repeatedly protest the move. Some ask to move in with friends in their hometown to complete the school year.

Signs of depression or distress should be monitored. If deemed necessary, consult with your family physician or pediatrician. They may be able to assist or provide referrals for physicians in your new location.

Some of the following steps may be taken to make the relocation easier for your children.

  • Talk openly with your children well before the move takes place, explaining all of the details of the move and why the move must take place.
  • Get information on your new town or city, including schools and children’s programs, and discuss them with your children.
  • Create a pen-pal package for your children and their special friends with addressed, pre-stamped envelopes, stickers and markers. For older children, e-mail is a great way to keep in touch.
  • Discuss advantages of the new location with your children according to their interests, such as nearby amusement parks, museums, zoos, etc.
  • If possible, take your children on a tour of your new town or city and home before the move to acquaint them with their new surroundings.
  • Discuss decorating ideas for your child’s new room including a memory door. Compile favorite photographs from family and friends from the location you are leaving and plan to decorate a door in your child’s room with the photos.
  • Pay attention to what your children have to say about the move and address their concerns.
  • Keep to your child’s daily routines as closely as possible.
  • Don’t pack your child’s favorite belongings until the last minute.
  • Once you have arrived in your new community, visit your child’s school to speak with his or her councilor about orienting your child to the new school and school programs. Advise the councilor of any special interests of the child and ask for recommended clubs or programs.

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How to Maximize the sale price of any Home

Selling a home is not rocket science, netting the most from the sale is!

Before you list your home on the market, take some time and ask yourself, what was it about the home that caused you to buy it? Did you look at more than one home at the time?

On average buyers look at 12 homes before deciding which home to write an offer. Think back.. besides the numer of bedrooms and number of bathrooms and whether the home has a 1,2 or 3 car garage… there’s really not much difference. Sure, some homes have views, some have private yards, some are on busy streets and some are closer to schools and shopping.

These factors infulence the overall price. You cannot change the direction a home faces. Howver, you can infulence the price buyers are willing to pay. 

I’ve prepared a list of the top things you can do to get your home sold faster and for more money.

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