7 efficient Tips when Downsizing

7 efficient tips to downsize when moving to a smaller home
Your parents are downsizing and moving to a senior’s living home or a small condo?

You know they can’t take it all, but many people underestimate how much stuff they have as they trying to figure out, how to downsize to the rightsize.

Here are 7 important tips to get the best result from your downsizing process.

  1. Determine the storage space in the new layout . Take pictures of all storage spaces in the new house: kitchen cupboards are the most important as they will always be different. take a picture of the closets, pantry, den, living room.
  2. How many walls will you have?

. New buildings especially in Vancouver and North Vancouver built with many large windows to let more sun light in and natural view. In the old houses there are many walls to hang up picture frames and place a bookcases against them. Count and take pictures of walls in the new place. That will help you not just downsize – but rightsize.

  1. Mark with a tape. Back to the old house. Look at your kitchen, and look at the picture you took at the new place . Count how many cupboard you have in the new place. (Assuming 8 doors and 4 drawers ) . now, mark with a green painter’s tape 8 doors and 4 drawers in your old kitchen. Start fill up only the marked shelves and drawers with things you like and want to take with you to the new home. switch and play around with dishes and items. It helps visualizing how much space there is in the new kitchen.

Repeat this process with every storage space you have in the house: closets, pantry, den. If you don’t have a linen closet in the new layout you can’t take them all. Think about the right spot for the linens ( a shelf in the bedroom’s closet for example) and place them there.

  1. Art and picture frames. Do the same with the picture frames and art, only in this case, you may be able to store few picture frames in the new house and have the option of alternating the art on the walls from time to time.
  2. Furniture. Look at the furniture and ask yourself: where is this going to live in the new home? If you are taking a china cabinet with you- everything that fit inside can go as well. Fill this cabinet or dresser with the items you plan to store in it at the new house.
  3. Chunk tasks. The best way to deal with the over whelming downsizing and moving process is to assign specific people to specific tasks. Many of our senior’s client have a son, daughter or a daughter in law who carry this project on their shoulders. The best way to get other people to come and help is not by asking them to come and help, but by giving them specific task you know they would be able to get it done.

Examples :

a. Ask the most computer savvy grandkid to scan the family pictures and upload to a digital picture frame? (It will save space and grandma can enjoy these photos ).

b. Who in the family can get in touch with donation’s organizations and schedule them to come and pick up unwanted items?

c. Any accountant in the family that can sort files and papers ?

  1. The giveaway party: Finally, when everything is sorted, schedule a giveaway VIP party: Invite the family members and friends to a small party. They will pick up items designated to them. Choose the day and the time, make it an official specific event. Stick a note to every item with a name of the friend or family member. That will be a great opportunity to say goodbye to the old place as well.

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In Vancouver and around the city, there are many great places to take your donation or recycling items.

Recycling BC hot line, can tell you which organization can pick up donations from your door and where to recycle each material:

Call or find online: RCBC hot line: 604-7329253 http://rcbc.bc.ca/.

Good luck rightsizing. We are looking forward to take away the packing task from you and unpack in the new location in only a few hours.

Author: Ikonomou Systems

Tom is a degreed Vancouver Real Estate Sales professional with RE/MAX City Realty. Founder of The Ikonomou Systems© Tom has been defending homeowners equity since 2008 - Tom lives in Vancouver with his wife and has four adult children.

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