By Peter Jesal

Posted February 22, 2017

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Homeowners may be surprised to find that infrared thermal imaging is an excellent tool and that it can be used to their advantage. This is especially true if you are purchasing a home and have decided to include a home inspection as a part of your due diligence. Even those not wishing to buy or sell and who are current homeowners can benefit greatly from all that infrared thermal imaging has to offer. Scans can find problems that would otherwise go unnoticed or undetected. Many of these problems are usually not even visible or perceptible to the naked eye.

Why Is a Thermal Imaging Home Inspection So Useful?

The early beginnings of thermal imaging can be traced back to military applications that were used several decades ago. Eventually this technology made its way into the residential home inspection industry. The fact that the cameras used in thermal imaging are becoming increasingly more affordable as the price of manufacturing continues to go down makes this type service even more common today. That said more home inspectors than ever before are incorporating thermal imaging into the overall home inspection process.

Infrared thermal imaging is a powerful tool for finding a wide array of issues that would otherwise never be identified. This includes everything from leaking plumbing to missing insulation as well as heating and cooling losses. In addition, electrical components that are overheating as well as foundation leakage can easily be identified through the use of infrared thermal imaging detection cameras. In truth, in today’s world of modern technology, no home inspection is fully complete unless it has had adequate thermal imaging performed.


The Key To Successful Thermal Imaging

Homeowners and homebuyers should be particularly cautious when choosing thermal-imaging services offered by home inspectors. This is because there are many inexperienced inspectors that may be offering thermal imaging services to be included with a standard home inspection. However, not all infrared thermal imaging services are the same. A home inspector should have a minimum level of thermography certification that meets ASNT SNT-TC-1A guidelines. In short, those who offer thermal imaging must have at least “level one” thermography certification. In addition, those carrying this type of certificate must be able to show proof that their certificate is in compliance with the guidelines as discussed in this article.

Most importantly, consumers should exercise caution when hiring an infrared imaging home inspection service that claims to be “infrared certified.” These are often individuals who have attended a “weekend course” on infrared inspecting. This type of training fall short of what can be expected from an actual “level one” certified infrared inspection professional. Another important consideration that must be taken into account when having thermal imaging scans done is the indoor temperature of the home at the time of the imaging.

A professional thermal imaging inspector will adhere to industry standards by ensuring that there is an adequate difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature guaranteeing that any thermal imaging will be accurate. An experienced, knowledgeable certified “level one” thermal imaging inspector may actually decline to offer services when conditions are not optimal. In fact, they will only do a thermal imaging scan when they know that the data will be valid and useful to the consumer. Take the time to ensure that you are hiring a true professional who offers professional grade infrared thermal imaging scanning services. This is the best way to always get your money’s worth.


About Peter

Contact Peter Jesal to learn more about Coquitlam infrared home inspections and Vancouver BC mold inspections that get results. Peter is an accredited and experienced home inspector. He is also a certified Level 1 Thermographer.

Jesal Home Inspections mold Inspections are offered in Vancouver BC including advanced thermal imaging technology. Jesal Home Inspections is one of the first companies to offer this service included with all Vancouver Indoor Air Quality Testing (Mold Testing).


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